Blueberry Pancakes with Maple Syrup


Approx 2 syns on all plans
1 egg, separated

1-2 teaspoons Splenda

a few drops vanilla extract
25g blueberries (approx 1 syn when cooked)
2 tablespoons Joseph’s Sugar Free Maple Syrup (1 syn) (see below)
Fry Light

  1. Whisk the egg white until it forms soft peaks
  2. Mix the egg yolk, Splenda, vanilla extract and blueberries together in a separate bowl
  3. Using a metal spoon, gently stir a tablespoon of the whipped egg white into the yolk mixture, then add the rest of the egg white and fold gently, preserving as much of the air as you can
  4. Put a frying pan onto a medium heat and spray with Fry Light
  5. Put spoonfuls of the mixture into the pan and flatten slightly – you should get 4 or 5 pancakes from the mixture
  6. Cook gently until the underside is lightly browned and then take great care to turn the pancakes – they are very delicate and so like me you may end up with one or two damaged ones, but they all taste the same!
  7. Continue cooking until the second side is golden and the centres of the pancakes are lightly cooked
  8. Serve with the maple syrup
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