Back fat tends to accumulate frequently if you do not follow a healthy diet in combination with regular physical activity.

This accumulation of fat is indeed a difficult enemy to eliminate, but not impossible.

You just need to adopt a low-calorie, healthy and varied diet, to be combined with a targeted training routine.

In particular, a diet rich in healthy fats is recommended, while avoiding refined sugars and carbohydrates, which are mainly responsible for fatty deposits in the back.

Constant physical activity is suggested which aims to slim down and strengthen the muscles located in the lumbar area.

In this way, it is possible to overcome back fat quickly and achieve satisfactory results.

The training that allows intervention on this anatomical site must include ad hoc exercises, which have the advantage of acting directly on the fat accumulated on the back, in order to activate its combustion.

But at the same time, if you stick to a consistent workout routine, you also have the opportunity to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles.

It is also good to walk often to burn calories, avoiding the development of local fatty deposits.

4 useful exercises to eliminate back fat
1/ Bike Crunch

4 exercices utiles pour éliminer la graisse du dos

To perform this exercise, you start by lying on your back, hands behind your head, then raising your legs to form a 90° angle.

Next, the left knee should be brought towards the chest, joining it with the right elbow. Then the movement should be repeated on the other side.

The bike crunch works the back and abdominal muscles by effectively burning fat.

2/ side plank

Planche de côté

Among the exercises indicated to eliminate back fat, it is also worth noting the side plank, which is performed by lying on the side and then leaning on the arm to form a 90° angle.

At this point, the body should be lifted by pushing the pelvis outward. After recovering the initial position, it must be repeated 10 times per side.

3/ Board with ball

Planche avec boule

The classic plank position should be adopted, but the muscles are more stressed by placing the legs on a medicine ball. After taking the plank position with the ball, it is necessary to hold it for 2 minutes.

4/ Plank

Planche 4 exercices

This static exercise allows you to work different muscle groups including the abdominals and the back muscles, so it is indicated for eliminating back fat.

But you have to do it correctly by resting your whole body on your elbows, creating a 90° angle with your arms, and being careful to keep your back straight.

The goal is to be able to extend the time of maintaining the position, so as to gradually reach 3 minutes.