7 ways to sneak exercise into your busy life from Slimming World, Derbyshire

1. Walk at work
Take a posture break and move around for every 20 minutes. And instead of calling or sending email to your colleague, speak to them face to face if possible. Movement is important as it helps to get blood circulating through the muscles. Research shows that you don’t have to do overly straineous activities to get these benefits, simply walking around does the magic for you.
2. Squeeze those steps in
Park further away from your office and take a walk from there. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Lose the remote control. The great thing about walking is that it’s open to almost everyone, anywhere and anytime, so it can really help you to break up sedentary time without too much effort. Compared to other exercises, you’re not under a lot of pressure and you’re unlikely to get injured.
3. Utilize your lunch break

Get out and about, invite your colleagues for a lunch out. Regular walking strengthens your heart and lungs, lowering blood pressure and, along with eating healthily, it’ll help you maintain a healthy weight too
4. Get moving and talk
It’s easier to stay on track with your health goals with the support of others. Get your friends, family or workmates involved and instead of meeting at a coffee shop or pub, go for a stroll and catch up
5. Terrific technology
Download smartphone apps like MapMyWalk, RunKeeper, Couch to 5k and yes, even Pokémon Go. All these could help you get out of the couch and get moving. You can try buying a watch that tracks your steps r exercise habits and list them down week for week to check if you’re improving.
With stats and graphs designed to get you to compete with yourself, they can be a great motivator.
6. Walk the kids to school
If you’ve got children or grandchildren, not only will walking to school give you a great chance to spend quality time together, walking with children is a fantastic opportunity to boost both yours and their health. Walking is great for boosting endorphins, so you’ll all feel amazing.
7. Walk a dog
Dogs love a stroll every once in awhile. Extended walks can not only improve your health but would boost your bonding as well. If you don’t have a dog, why not borrow one? Offer to take a friend’s dog out a couple of times a week and they’ll probably feel like you’re doing them a big favour, when really, they’re helping you out too!
Credit: derbytelegraph.co.uk

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