Baked Bean & Ham Lasagne

Serves 2


1 tin 410g baked beans (p) (f)
1 Pack of lasagne sheets
1 Pack of smoked wafer thin ham (p)
60g cheddar (2x Hea/2= 1hea per person)
700g bottle of passata (s)
Oven-proof dish


Soften the lasagne sheets with boiling water to make life easy, and then purr a thin layer of passata in the base of the oven-proof dish that has been sprayed with Fry Light.
Cover with lasagne sheets, layer of baked beans, layer of lasagne, layer of passata, layer of ham, layer of passata, layer of lasagne, layer of baked beans, layer of lasagne and then the final layer of passata, soaking all of the lasagne, sprinkle with oregano, then grate the cheddar over it all and place in a hot oven at 180c for 20-30mins until the food is hot and the cheese nicely melted.

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