Bullied no more. This lady turned her life around by ridding 10sts with Slimming World

At 21, Kelly Meager who is from London shed an amazing 10st 9lbs to turn her life around. She’s become bold and confident after being insecure and alone for so long.
“At school I was always bigger than the other children, meaning I was a target for school bullies. I was always known as ‘the big one’ and, being tall as well, I couldn’t help but stand out. Kids can be cruel – they just say what they think – and I was bullied a lot, mentally and physically. At secondary school it wasn’t so much physical but they got crueller with their words”, she shared.
Not only did she get shamed at school but also everywhere. Once, at a theme park, she got stuck on a water slide because she was too heavy for the current to carry her off. The staff there stopped the ride. There was also a hospital incident where the nurse had to use a thigh cuff of a standard blood pressure monitor because the usual arm cuff couldn’t fit hers.

“My weight problem got worse the older I got. I was very dependent on my family; I had just a few close friends and avoided larger groups and social occasions.

When she began her life as a student in a university, she was depressed about her weight. There was a “bin bag party” during her first night and everyone had to wear a bin bag costume. The problem was, she couldn’t find one that would fit her. And even worse, when she saw her pictures on Facebook the next day, she’s embarrassed at how huge she looked. She isolated herself, lived on takeaways and hid in her room when she was supposed to enjoy life at Uni.

“I didn’t feel 19. I felt old, overweight and unhealthy. I knew I needed to take control if I was ever going to be happy and make the most of student life”, she said.

Her Uni friend, Emily, suggested Slimming World to her and said that the program is working for her and gave lots of options. Kelly was hesitant at first to join groups but soon she discovered that everyone was friendly and supportive.

“With Food Optimising I don’t have to measure or monitor every food I eat – which I love. There’s no living off crackerbreads or salad – I’ve never had to go hungry with this plan. My favourite meal is pasta with chicken, bacon, peppers, red onion and salad – with a Mullerlight yogurt for afters!”

With her weight now manageable, she’s enjoying fashion and take efforts in choosing her outfits and making sure her appearance is looking good.

“It’s the best feeling when you put on a pair of trousers and they’re loose. It gave me such a confidence boost, especially shopping in high street shops that didn’t stock my size before – and realising that my size isn’t the biggest one on the rail any more! I used to dread shopping and just buy whatever fitted, but now I love it and spend far too much money on clothes!”, she exclaimed.

“With my new found confidence I now plan to train as a teacher, something I’d never have dreamed of at 23½st, and I’ve also found love with my boyfriend-of-ten-months Aaron. If someone had told me 21 months ago that I’d be 10½st lighter I’d never have believed them. I feel like a totally new person. It’s mindblowing to think that I’ve lost more than the weight of my 20-year-old sister. I finally feel young. I’m loving life for the first time ever and have probably added years to my life too so I want to make the most it.”

Credits: slimmingworld.co.uk

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