Serves 1
1/3 Cooked Cauliflower (s)
1 Egg (p)
1 Tbsp. Oregano
30g Mature Cheddar (1Hea or 6 syns)
S & P
Cut 1/3 of a complete Cauliflower, cook In a microwave for 5 mins or boil on a stove for 10 mins, remove & chop-up in a food processor, place in a clean dishcloth, wring out as much liquid as you can then put in a bowl with the seasoning & the egg, mix well then put in a hot frying pan, sprayed with frylight, fry until one side has browned & is easy to move around the pan, turn over & repeat.
On a hot pizza stone or a pan place the pizza with a topping of your choice, sprinkle with the cheese & place in the oven & cook until the cheese is bubbling & hot.
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book