Chilli and Garlic Noodles recipe

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Egg Noodles
250ml water
Light Soy Sauce
Vegetable Stock Cube
Table spoon of Cayenne Pepper
Table spoon of Turmeric
Table spoon ground Pepper
Small chilli
Garlic Salt
1 Egg
Stir fry vegetables and Beans-pouts
Spring onions
Cooked Chicken


Boil 250ml water in one pan, and 500ml in another.
In the 250ml pan, add vegetable stock, spices and Garlic salt. Let simmer.
In the second pan, place a parcel of egg noodles, vegetables/beans-pouts, along with the egg in shell for 10 minutes.
When ready, place noodles in bowl, along with veggies. Peel egg, cut in half and place in bowl too. Add cooked chicken.

Credits: two.full.cheeks

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