Ever Wondered How Long Eggs Are Produced? Here You See!

1. In Their Natural State
The initial step, the eggs are first opened and divided into two halves.
2. High-Efficiency Egg-Cellence
Egg white and egg yolk are being separated by the help of a special machine.
3. Taking Out The Center
In a newly created hole, the inner part of the egg is removed and the yellow part is filled in.
4. Things Are Getting Hot
The egg yolk is then boiled in a beaker until it becomes hard.
5. Packing Up
After the yolk becomes hard, the production is complete, and the eggs are packed.
6. Going Into A Deep Freeze
At low temperatures, the eggs are then frozen.

Here is a video for a visual demonstration:

And here is an instructional video if you want to do you own homemade version of long eggs:

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