Sport helps us to prevent diseases, to free our mind and to tone up our body. If we combine it with a proper diet, it can be the solution to burn fat. We have selected the most effective exercises to lose body fat quickly.


This exercise is essential for healthy elbows, because it helps control the movement of the knees, preventing them from crushing inward, but they are the basis of strong knees because a weak or inactive stupidity can cause all the knee problems. This exercise also strengthens your mice, hamstrings and abs, while not putting minimal pressure on your knees.


This exercise involves sliding your knees in and out from a bent position. It will help you increase your heart rate while building strength and endurance in your torso. You need to stay firm so you don’t hurt your wrists, arms or shoulders. Start by raising your knee to hip level, then lower to the ground in a plank position. Perform the basic movement by bringing your knee up to your chest and then out again To increase your heart rate, try jogging for a count of 10 before switching to the other side.

3 – Scissors

Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and lift your feet, shoulders and head off the ground. The tips of your feet should point up and alternate one leg up and one leg down. Focus on not straining your neck, as you may end up with neck pain. Do this move 15 times for each side for 3 sets.


Jumping exercises, also known as plyometric exercises greatly stimulate fat burning and activate the core muscles. Not only do you work your core leg muscles (quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes) but also your inner and outer thighs, calves and balance. If you don’t feel ready for Jump Squats yet, you can also do classic squats.


Stand with your feet together. Squat down and place your hands in front of you. On impulse, reach out with your arms and extend your legs, releasing your feet, slightly apart, behind you. With momentum on your arms, jump back to a standing position, and without stopping, jump up into the air with your arms raised above your head. Return to the starting position before repeating this routine!


On your mat, or directly on the floor, lie on your stomach. Place your hands almost at shoulder level (slightly forward). Your legs are straight, and stand on your toes (or knees if you’re just starting out). Raise your chest towards the ceiling by stretching your arms, thinking of well sheathing your abs. Lower your chest towards the ground, controlling the descent while still sheathing. The benefits of this exercise: performed on the feet or knees (to begin with), push-ups work the triceps, shoulders and chest, for a targeted workout of the chest.


Widely used by boxers, jumping rope allows you to burn 500 calories in 30 minutes. So incorporating it into your workout can be a good way to dry out quickly. To do this, you can do it for 20 minutes at the beginning of your workout at a rate of 40 seconds of work for 20 seconds of rest.


Lunges allow you to strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. They are easy to do, and you will quickly notice their effects on your figure. Stand up straight with your legs apart and in line with your pelvis. Place your hands on your hips. Take a big step forward with your leg and bend your other leg behind you. The other leg should be parallel to the ground. Return to your starting position and repeat the exercise 15 to 20 times.