However, it is difficult to achieve, but it is far from impossible. By adopting the right methods, you will be able to eliminate all unwanted belly fat.

Do these exercises:
Many people think that crunches are the way to get big abdominal muscles, not a plank. Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of the plank just because it’s a static exercise.

The plank works the most muscles in the body compared to any other physical exercise. So, the workout for eliminating your abdominal fat consists of a set of exercises that you will practice for 21 days, or three weeks.

Here’s how to do it:

Week One

During the first week, you will practice this plank position presented above every day. Please hold the position for 30 seconds at first. Then later on the last few days, if you are more comfortable with the exercise, you can go beyond the 30 seconds shown.

Bicycle Crunch:

For this exercise, start by lying on your back, and keep your feet extended in front of you. Next, bend your arms and place your hands behind or to the sides of your head. Avoid pulling your head forward to avoid hurting your neck.

Bend your legs to form a 90° angle with your hips, now pedal! Keep your head and shoulders slightly off the ground and bring your right elbow toward your left knee, making sure to extend the other leg as shown in the image.

Next, do the opposite movement, making sure your legs are in a circular motion, as if you were riding a bicycle. With each cycling movement, be sure to rotate your torso and contract your abs.

FYI: 1 movement on each side = 1 repetition

Second week:

In the second week, you will repeat the plank as in the first week and add a new position as in the image below. You will hold this new position for 60 seconds.

V” Crunch:

As with the previous exercise, lie on your back with your legs flat. Also extend your arms above your head and contract your abdomen. Straighten your torso as much as possible, keeping your arms by your head.

As you do this, keep your legs straight and lift them toward you, using only your abdominal muscles. When the torso and legs are fully raised, continue the movement by extending the arms on either side of the legs as shown in the image.

Finally, hold this position, with your abs stretched out, then return to the starting position by slowly lowering your legs and torso.

For your information: 1 crunch + 1 dip = 1 repetition

Week Three:

Each day during week three, you will perform the previous two planks and add a third plank exercise. You will do the third one below for two minutes. So, during the third week, you will need to do three different planks each day. With the third plank, be sure to switch sides.


On a gym mat, lie on your back and place your hands flat along your torso. During this time, keep your legs straight and your toes extended. Then, as a starting position, raise your legs slightly by about 5 cm, then contract your abs and raise your left leg to 45° (as shown in the picture.

Alternate the movement by changing legs. First, raise your right leg to 45° while the other one lowers to the starting position.

FYI: 1 movement of each leg = 1 repetition