It is possible to have a dream body with shapely curves by working on it at home, as long as you have the willpower. The plank is one of the best flat stomach exercises. But that’s not all, practiced on a daily basis, it also allows you to work your abdominal muscles, burn fat, strengthen your back, legs, arms and buttocks.

The plank is a popular tummy tuck exercise, especially when working out at home. It is easy to perform and does not require any special equipment except a comfortable mat. In addition to sheathing and strengthening the abdominal muscles, it helps reduce back pain and improve posture while maintaining the abdominal belt and therefore balance. So many reasons to introduce this exercise into your daily routine and to take a few minutes to do it every day. The results will be impressive.

The face plank is the classic exercise

The plank is a fitness exercise to strengthen the abdominal region. Source: theguardian
This exercise has for asset the gainage of the body without moving that is to say in isometry. The goal is to achieve muscle fatigue without injury. It also allows you to work the muscles both in length and in depth. To perform it, it is important not to dig the back and not to raise the buttocks upwards. The idea is to stay upright with your shoulders, pelvis and ankles all in line. To lose belly, the plank is the best abdominal exercise. In addition, it burns fat, refines the waistline and works all muscle groups.

It is also possible to vary with lateral planks that allow you to redefine the curves of the body.

Here are 3 variations of planks to perform to get a firm and toned body
Side plank with hip raise

This exercise activates the obliques, which are the abs on the side, and shapes the waist. On a mat, lie on your side and stand on either the bent or extended arm. The body should be well aligned by lifting the hips and shoulders while contracting the abdomen and glutes. Try to hold for as long as possible, then lower your pelvis to the floor and return to the starting position. Do 10 reps on one side for 5-10 seconds, especially for beginners, then repeat on the other side.

Side plank with foot elevated

This type of curl-up strengthens the gluteal muscles and the spinal stabilizers, especially the abdominals and lumbar vertebrae. It is therefore effective in strengthening the back and abdominal muscles. However, it is essential to perform it properly and to maintain the right position to avoid injury.

Place yourself on the mat, leaning on your hand, with your arm extended. Raise your pelvis, feet one on top of the other. Raise the top leg while keeping the torso stable. Hold this position for 5 seconds and then return to the starting position. Perform 10 reps holding your weight on one side for 5 seconds or more if you can, then perform the same exercise on the other side.

Mountain climber

In a plank position with arms straight and shoulder-width apart and without moving your hips, raise one knee and then the other, bringing them towards your chest. This exercise activates the abdominal muscles, the hip muscles and works the cardio. Do 10 repetitions of this exercise.

Isometric exercises can transform your figure and gain tone. Just persevere and stay consistent; the results will be satisfying.