Having a flat stomach and well-defined abdominal muscles requires motivation and discipline. To work your abs, these 5 exercises will sculpt your body in depth. No need to go to the gym, a mat and lively music are enough!

Including ab exercises in your workout routine is the best way to burn calories while making your chocolate bars look good. In just 12 weeks of regular training, you can lose belly fat while working the deep muscles.

How to work the abdominal muscles effectively?
To have a well-defined abdominal belt, it is first important to lose body fat. To do this, you must lose weight by adopting cardio exercises that melt abdominal fat. Running, walking, cycling are all activities to be coupled with a balanced diet to lose weight. This lifestyle is necessary to sculpt your body in just 12 weeks and get a flat stomach.

In parallel, here are 5 exercises to mark your abdominal muscles:
Exercise 1
The reverse crunch is an ideal exercise for your abdominal training program since it allows toning and sheathing of this area of the body. The advantage of this movement is that it corrects the posture and protects the neck. At each sports session, lie on your back with your arms at your sides. This movement consists of bringing your knees towards you and tilting your chest forward. During the crunch, keep your head on the ground. That’s it, just repeat 15 times. One thing is sure: during three months of training, your abs will be well defined!

Exercise 2
This exercise allows a contraction of the body ideal for muscling your abs. Its name? The side plank. This posture not only helps you sheath your stomach for a more beautiful figure but also helps you gain balance. The starting position is to lie on your side with your elbow aligned with your shoulder. Lean on your shoulder, with your body straight and parallel to the mat. For best results, stay in this posture for up to a minute before switching to the other side.

Exercise 3
To work the muscle groups of the trunk, including the abdominals, this exercise is very suitable for beginners. To firm up your stomach and mark your waist, you will need to have your legs straight while you are lying on the floor. The arms should be relaxed along the body. In order to build up the abs, raise your legs so that they are perpendicular to the floor. If you want to say goodbye to your love handles, lower them slowly until your legs are close to the ground and repeat this movement 15 times.

Exercise 4
Those who know how to work the abdominal muscles include this exercise in their workouts. To refine the belly, lie down with your back to the ground, legs straight and raised perpendicular to the ground as in the previous movement. Next, you will need to tilt your torso forward and raise your arm as if you were trying to reach your left foot with your right hand. Be sure to keep your spine straight and contract your stomach. Repeat the movement with your left hand and right foot. This sequence requires 15 repetitions as part of a three-times-a-week exercise routine. Training regularly will help you benefit from these 5 health benefits.

Exercise 5
With a gym mat, adopt the plank position by pressing your body weight on the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet. For a perfect tummy tuck, walk using your hands until you reach the other side of the rack. Take a one-minute break and repeat this exercise 5 times.

How to eliminate body fat before weight training?
In order to better shape your abdominal belt, you will save time by starting to lose the visceral fat that prevents a quick gain. To get rid of your excess weight, there is no secret. It is fundamental to rethink your diet by opting for nutritionally balanced plates. For your health and well-being, regular physical activity will help you burn calories. In order to regain your figure in the long term, you must be motivated and persevere by avoiding drastic diets.