If you’re the type of person who works most of the day sitting down, you should practice these exercises. Studies show that the average American only has 4 hours of free time and that these hours are more often than not spent watching TV or sitting in front of a computer having fun on Facebook. Still seated.

Renowned fitness trainer Denise Austin suggests 5 effective exercises to help busy women and workaholics, as well as anyone who works while seated.

Regular training at your own pace to begin with can help. Increase the pace over time. You will see the difference evolve with your form. The more fit you are, the more you can increase the pace. If your health permits, start with 3 times a week, increase to 5 days a week if you feel well.

Watch this video:

Warning: Not everyone is made for this kind of exercise. If you feel any discomfort or injure yourself, stop exercising immediately. If the need arises, consult a doctor.