In addition to having surprising virtues on the physical and mental well-being, sport allows to refine the silhouette, to obtain a flat belly, well drawn abdominal muscles, toned thighs and shapely butt.

Today, many people regularly practice sports to boost their metabolism, burn calories and tone their body.

If you want to work on your butt to get rid of cellulite and saddlebags that bother you, here are 6 effective exercises to get a toned and shapely butt.

To sculpt their bodies and get a toned butt, some people join a gym and do weight training exercises to target the lower body and firm up the thighs and butt.

Others prefer to work their thighs and butt at home, using a bodyweight or dumbbell program.

If you too dream of having a beautiful, firm and plump butt, let’s review the 6 anti-cellulite exercises that will give you amazing results.

Butt exercises without equipment to get a sexy, plump buttock

To build up your butt and get a plump, toned gluteus maximus, these 6 exercises are foolproof:

  1. The squat and walk
le squat walk

The ideal exercise to build up your butt and thighs – Source: For Healthy Lifestyle
Ideal for shaping and strengthening the butt, the squat involves the quadriceps, glutes and hamstrings.

There are many variations of the squat that can be used to increase muscle mass and tone the thighs and butt. To do this exercise, stand with your legs shoulder-width apart.

Then do a low squat while contracting your abdominals. In the squat position, take a few steps forward and then a few steps back, keeping your balance with your arms.

Take 10 steps and then return to the starting position. Take a short break and then do 2 more sets of 8 steps, then 6 steps.

  1. Side Lunges
les fentes laterales

An effective exercise to lose weight and build muscle
The lunges are part of the exercises that tone and muscle the thighs and butt. Simple to perform, they can burn fat and strengthen the hamstrings, adductors and quadriceps.

To perform alternating lunges, stand upright and keep your back straight. Then lower your butt by bending one leg and take a big step to the right until your legs are spread.

Lower your butt as low as possible and push your leg back to the starting position. Do the same exercise with the other leg.

For best results, do 4 sets of 12, 10, 8 and 6 reps respectively.

  1. The Bridge
soulevé bassin

This exercise targets the back of the thighs and the glutes
The Bridge is very effective for building hamstring and gluteal muscles.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and the balls of your feet on the floor. Squeeze your butt and then lift your pelvis and hold this position for 10 seconds before returning to the starting position.

You should feel the contraction of the butt. If this exercise seems simple to you, do not hesitate to place a weight on your abdominal muscles for more intensity.

Do 4 sets of 20, 10, 20 and 10 reps.

  1. Single leg deadlift

The hamstrings are the muscles used during this exercise – Source: For Healthy Lifestyle
Like the previous exercise, the single legged pelvic lift works the hamstrings and glutes.

Start by lying on your back, then squeeze your butt and lift them up.

Then raise one leg so that your body weight is lifted by one leg.

Do 3 sets of 12, 10 and then 8 reps for each leg.

  1. Back leg raise
relevé jambe arrière

The back leg raise is effective for fat loss – Source: For Healthy Lifestyle
A great way to get rid of excess fat and work the small, medium and large butt, the back leg raise works the deep muscles.

To do this exercise, place your hands and knees on the floor, as if you were on all fours. Then, squeeze your pelvis and extend one leg backwards as far as possible.

Stay in this position for a few seconds and then switch legs. Do 4 reps of 16, 14 and 12 reps.

  1. Resistance band squat
squat bande resistante

Resistance band ensures optimal lower body toning – Source: For Healthy Lifestyle
The squat is an exercise known to be effective in sculpting the butt and giving them more volume.

For quick results, you can use a resistance band to intensify the exercise.

Wrap the resistance band around your hips and stretch it until you can walk on part of the band. Do 3 sets of 10, 8 and 6 reps.