We can’t say it often enough: sport is good for your health! But it is not enough to start every year 2 months before the summer to fit into your bikini … It is recommended to practice a regular physical activity throughout the year. To choose your sport, you must first of all like it, but also that it offers quick results.

So here are the top 5 sports that will make you lose the most calories per hour.


Lose 570 to 850 cal/hr. Benefits: cardiovascular endurance, cellulite reduction. The saddlebags will not last long! Toned skin and muscle strengthening of the lower body.

Jumping rope:

Loss of 680 to 815 cal/hr. Benefits: muscle tone, improved posture. The ultimate cardio exercise! Back pain will be a thing of the past.


Loss of 850 cal/hr. Benefits: Extended life expectancy, and a stronger heart. A complete sport that mobilizes a multitude of muscles. You can go at your own pace and vary the locations to break the monotony!


Loss of 615 to 815 cal/hr. Benefits: Improved flexibility and muscle strengthening. Special mention to the abdominal muscles! Improved coordination as well.


Loss of 545 to 680 cal/hr. The advantages: development of all muscles. Without a doubt one of the most complete sports. Swimming is magical for erasing orange peel skin and creating a harmonious silhouette. Plus, it’s relaxing! The best part: everyone can do it, even after an injury. Indeed, you don’t have to carry your own weight and there is no risk of injury!