Considered as the disease of the century, back pain now affects eight out of ten French people. Back pain, lumbago or sciatica…the tensions and pains in this part of the body cover in truth various disorders. Discover some stretches that will reduce your back pain and give you instant relief.

The causes of back pain are multiple, the sitting position, the fact of being in front of the computer screen in a constant way or the stress, can cause a tension at the level of the neck and exert a pressure on the muscles of the back. To alleviate this discomfort, it is possible to perform a few simple exercises to strengthen the back muscles and relieve the disabling tension in this part of the body.

Here are 7 soothing stretches to perform

  1. Child’s position

On a mat, start by kneeling down and bending forward with your arms extended. Stretch your shoulders; your hips should be level with your heels.

Take 5 deep breaths.

2. Thread the needle

Get on all fours on your knees with your legs slightly apart. Raise your left arm toward the ceiling as you inhale. Then exhale while lowering the left shoulder and threading the left arm between the right arm and the knees. Inhale to do the same thing again, moving up toward the ceiling. Do one set of 3 repetitions and then repeat the same exercise on the other side.

This stretch releases tension in the upper back and promotes spinal mobility.

  1. Seated cat-cow pose

Sit comfortably and put your hands behind your neck. Inhale while opening your elbows wide and lifting your chest upwards. Then exhale while tightening your elbows and rounding your back.

Do 5 repetitions of this exercise. This stretch will release tension in the chest and upper back and stretch the intercostal muscles.

  1. Seated lateral elbow

Assume a seated position, inhale as you extend your left arm toward the ceiling, then exhale as you bend to the right and place your right hand on the floor. Hold this position for 5 breaths, then repeat on the other side.

This exercise will stretch the muscles between the ribs and the pelvis.

  1. Sphinx position

Lie on your stomach with your legs slightly apart, hands and elbows aligned on the floor. Then gently lift your chest upwards. Breathe in by pressing on your forearms and breathe out by pulling on your abs.

  1. Shoulder Stretch

To perform this exercise, you can use a yoga strap or a scarf or a towel. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and the strap attached to both hands behind your back. Twist your biceps and then pull the strap away, creating an arch in your upper back.

Take 5 deep breaths as you stretch and release. This exercise stretches the shoulders and chest.

  1. Rag doll

Standing with your feet hip-width apart, bend your knees slightly as you lean down while placing your chest on your thighs. Squeeze your elbows while taking 5 deep breaths.

This stretch will relax your back muscles and release tension in your neck.