Mold on the walls of the house, especially in the bathroom, is a very common problem. Caused by excess moisture, mold on the walls must be removed immediately to prevent it from creating more difficult to remove or even permanent damage.

Although there are many effective products and methods for removing mold from the walls of the home, such as ammonia and bleach, almost all of them are chemical and harmful to health. In this article, we will list some plants that can absorb excess moisture and eliminate mold.

Before removing mold from the walls of the house, it is essential to identify the cause. The most common causes are excess moisture and poor ventilation. Problems such as water leaks and others should be brought to the attention of a professional.

Plants that eliminate humidity and mold

These plants absorb moisture and prevent mold growth. Place ivy near the walls or ceiling: they are also useful for purifying the air in the house.


It needs little light and its roots are able to absorb moisture. This plant also prevents the accumulation of bacteria, fungi and mold.


It uses moisture in its favor, absorbs it and uses it to grow. This plant is one of the most effective in preventing the development of bacteria and mold.


A perfect plant both because it requires very little maintenance, and because it helps to purify the air in the house and prevent the formation of mold on the walls.


Native to the tropics, they absorb moisture and are ideal for enclosed, high-humidity spaces like the bathroom.

Choose the plant that best suits your home’s style and needs and place it in the most humid environments to prevent mold from forming on the walls.