Many of us have experienced this disappointment when preparing a meal or nibbling on a small snack! At the moment of opening the mustard jar or a tomato sauce jar, there is nothing to do: we realize that we do not have enough strength… Recalcitrant jar 1, we 0. Despite this endless galley, we generally have no other choice than to turn to this type of sterilized packaging. Indeed, whether it is home-made preserves or commercial jars, it is an efficient way to preserve food for several months, or even several years, and therefore not to waste them. Instead of being discouraged by your difficult jar of pickles (and your strength worthy of a small mollusk), try these tips for opening a jar without forcing.

No need to start working out to hear the famous liberating “POP”!

1) Tie a rubber band around the lid

Many times, we have trouble opening our fruit jars due to lack of support, as our hand tends to slide on the smooth surface of the lid. In this case, we can make several turns on it with a rubber band. Inspired by the cloth technique, this gives the hand a better hold to proceed to the easy opening of the mustard jar in question. Alternatively, you can also put on a clean cleaning glove to get the same non-slip effect.

2) A tap on the bottom of the jar to open it easily

Tap the bottom of the jar (the carrying surface) with the palm of your hand. If necessary, repeat the operation several times until you hear a sound suggestive of air being drawn into the jar. This will make it easy to open without effort.

3) Let the air out with a knife or spoon

The more patient and thorough can use a small spoon, knife or flat screwdriver around the edge of the lid to apply leverage. Here, apply gentle pressure until you hear a small noise, being careful not to injure yourself. This technique will allow the lid to be depressurized and unscrewed more easily.

4) Using hot water to open a jar

You don’t have the strength, but maybe you have some hot water available! A high temperature can expand the lid and loosen the seal of your vegetable jar, making it easier to open. You can do this by immersing it in boiling water for a few moments before attempting to open it again (without burning your hands, please!). If you don’t want to heat the jar in question (for example if it is a jam or fruit jar), you can also prefer to run a stream of hot water over the lid and opening. Finally, you can also use hot air from a hair dryer on this part of the container.

5) Open a jar with tape

A strong adhesive tape stuck to the lid will do two things. It will give you a better grip than your hands alone and it will unlock the jar opening. To do this, cut a piece of tape and stick it around one part of the lid. Keep one half facing outward and hold it there to pull. You will then just have to hold the jar firmly and pull with the other.

6) Piercing the lid as a last resort
Piercing the lid with a sharp knife (such as an oyster knife) is a more definitive technique for opening a stubborn jar by letting air into the container (it will then become unusable). This is a trick to be used when nothing else has worked! Above all, hold the knife handle firmly in one hand and the jar in the other to avoid injury.