When Carey Barling moved into her new apartment in southeast Queensland, Australia, she quickly noticed a major problem. In her bathroom, she immediately noticed the very dirty ceramic tiles that she knew would give her trouble. However, using expensive household products that don’t always work is out of the question! So she went to the four corners of the house to gather some natural ecological ingredients and tools to carry out this domestic chore. Her trick for cleaning dirty tiles worked so well that she shared it on a Facebook group called “Moms Who Clean” where she would imitate it to the point of being relayed to the four corners of the Internet, on the radio, and even in the columns of DailyMail.

Discover her recipe and the cleaning secrets that allowed your floor to shine without leaving any residue!

How to clean very dirty tiles? This Australian’s technique in detail!


Although she didn’t share the exact proportions, she explained step by step how she achieved the stunning result. She had started by mixing hot water with simple dishwashing liquid in a bucket. Then she added a dash of lye (St. Mark’s washing soda crystals) to the soapy water. This is the secret to boosting the wash and getting out very embedded dirt and mildew.

This ingredient has increased the cleaning and degreasing power of the dishwashing liquid. No need to overdose! And of course, you should also pack a little elbow grease, especially if you plan on doing tile floors, walls and grouting with your home cleaning product…


Last step in her plan: mom leaves the classic mop in the closet! She replaced it with a cleaning brush. It scrapes and removes dirt without having to scrub too much. In a few minutes, she can scrub the entire floor and just rinse and wipe.

Other detergents that can help?
No need for bleach! For more cleanliness and to degrease all the stains while allowing to descale any trace of scale in the kitchen or bathroom, you can use other natural products of grandmother that you already use in your interiors. To clean well, there is white vinegar or lemon juice (both to be avoided on porous cement-like floors) as well as milk (dark floor) or the container of glass cleaner (less natural, but ideal on a light or white floor).

Baking soda or clay stone help them remove stains. And cough seed oil is the perfect product to add shine. As for black soap, it is also an excellent cleaning product to use in small quantities on a sponge in case of stains or in the recipe explained above to replace the washing up liquid.