Whether it is in your plate or in ingredient-beauty, the flesh of the avocado has multiple virtues. Rich in “good fat”, vitamins K and B5, this fruit would also have anti-cancer properties. Its only drawback? It can be very hard when you buy it and take several days to ripen.

To accelerate the ripening of an avocado and make its flesh more tender, there are several particularly effective tricks. Everything is based on one principle: ethylene. This gas is produced by the avocado, even when it is already picked and allows it to continue ripening. However, when it is close to a heat source, the avocado produces more ethylene.

You will have understood it thus: to make ripen an avocado, it is necessary to put it in the heat.

Put it on a radiator
To ripen your avocado faster, put it near a heat source. You can, for example, put it in a warm place, above a radiator.

If you really don’t think this tip is very decorative, leave it at room temperature in your kitchen and wait several days. In any case, don’t put it in the refrigerator or it will stay hard as wood!

Wrap it in newspaper
As the avocado continues to produce ethylene, a gas that allows it to ripen, it may be a good idea to wrap the fruit in newspaper.

This will keep the ethylene from escaping into the air and speed up the ripening process.

Put it in the oven

Of course, it is not a question of cooking your avocado. It’s just a matter of putting it in a warm place (since, as you know, this increases its production of ethylene, a gas that accelerates its ripening).

Wrap your avocado in aluminum foil, set your oven to 90 degrees and wait 10 minutes for it to ripen: a tip for those of you in a hurry!

Place it next to a banana

Like the avocado, the banana is a climacteric fruit, which means that it continues to ripen after being picked.

So place these two fruits side by side in the basket: they will release ethylene and ripen in a few days. To go even faster, wrap them together in a paper bag.

Pour lemon juice on the flesh

If you’ve already cut your avocado in half and find that the flesh is too hard to eat, it’s not too late.

Pour lemon juice (one teaspoon) on each half and leave for a few minutes. The avocado should be easier to mash.

Prick it with toothpicks
Here’s a funny trick: prick your avocado with toothpicks placed on its ends.

Overnight, your avocado should be ripe.