Flashy and unsightly: rust stains can form on floors, tiles, clothes.

With their color, between brown and reddish, they are easily identifiable . But they are also among the most complicated stains to remove .

They are usually formed in contact with iron: for example on floors near a gate or a door, on clothes in contact with a dryer or an older hanger.

To eliminate them, there are specific products, but they often contain aggressive chemical elements.

In fact, it is much easier to resort to natural remedies, using products that we already have at home.

Let’s see how to remove rust stains effectively and quickly!

NB: before using the proposed natural remedies, always read the instructions for manufacture so as not to damage clothes or floors or wall tiles.

In addition, always be very careful with rusty iron and, in case of cuts, consult a doctor immediately

Rust stains on clothes
Found a rust stain on your favorite t-shirt or shirt?

Removing it is very simple and you have more options .

white wine vinegar
White wine vinegar has a powerful degreasing action and is able to remove rust that remains attached to the fabric.

To use it best, simply take a sheet of aluminum foil, soak it in white wine vinegar and rub it on the stain.

Leave it for a few hours and wait for it to dry. If necessary, repeat the operation.

Then wash the garment as usual. After washing, the stain will be a distant memory!

Sodium bicarbonate

Among the most effective natural remedies for household cleaning, baking soda dissolves rust, making the fabric shine like never before!

Its use is very simple! Just take a handful of baking soda and add it to a little water.

In fact, you don’t need to dissolve the baking soda in water, just moisten it to make a paste-like mixture.

Apply the mixture to the stain and let it work. Once dry, rinse with warm water.

The stain will be completely gone.

Salt and lemon
A very simple and quick remedy: salt and lemon, in combination to absorb and eliminate any rust stain!

Take some fine salt and sprinkle it on the stained part of the fabric.

Then squeeze half a lemon on it, letting the juice soak the stained area.

Put the garment in the sun and wait for it to dry. Then wash it normally.

The absorbency of the salt, combined with the degreasing power of the lemon, will remove the stain, restoring the garment to its original color.

Rust stains on floors
The removal of rust stains on floors requires attention: always take into account the material to avoid damaging it.

For marble or wood floors, avoid using lemon and bicarbonate, because of their abrasive potential that could damage them.

The best solution in this case is salt, which should be sprinkled on the stain and then moistened with warm water.

The salt should be left on for several hours, almost a full day, so that it can completely absorb the stain.

After at least 12 hours, rinse.

If the stain persists, repeat the operation.

For ceramic or stoneware floors, the best solution is to use lemon.

Simply sprinkle lemon juice over the rust stain. Its dissolving action will indeed dissolve the incrustation.

After a few hours, with a net of iron, scrape the stain which, thanks to the lemon, will have softened.

Then, rinse with tepid water.

Rust stains on tiles
Rust stains very often form on vertical tiles, especially in the bathroom, near the iron pipes of the sink, toilet, shower or bidet.

But it is not uncommon for them to form on kitchen tiles as well.

Normally, the same methods used to remove rust from tiles are used for the floor, but there are also other remedies.


Molasses is a sugar cane extract that, in addition to being very good, also has degreasing properties.

To use it, simply dissolve half a cup in two liters of water.

Then, soak a sponge in the liquid and pass it over the tiles on the abrasive side .

Rub vigorously (always taking into account the fragility of some tiles) until the stain disappears.

Finally, rinse with warm water.

A quick and easy remedy!

Take a raw potato and cut it in half. Then rub it on the tiles, on the cut side.

When you rub, use force so that a residue of potato sticks to the tile.

Leave this residue for 9/10 hours, then rinse with hot water .

Thanks to its dissolving action, the potato will dissolve the rust deposits, making the tiles clean and shiny.