Whether it’s from nighttime perspiration or after spending a long time in a damp attic or closet, our pillowcases can end up yellowing. Unfortunately, a trip to the washing machine may not be enough, even if you add a natural whitening ingredient to the drum before starting a wash cycle! In this case, you may be tempted to use bleach. However, this environmentally toxic cleaning product tends to damage fibers and may turn textiles yellow, so what can you do? To whiten a pillowcase, we propose an ancestral trick without effort that will not disappoint you!

Inspired by our grandmothers who used to do it on their stove with a big metal basin, it allows to dejaune the linen naturally and efficiently. Here’s how to make it step by step to get a snow-white pillowcase.

-4 liters of water
-55 g of baking soda
-1 generous tablespoon of salt

Also, bring a large pot to carry out this trick. It should be able to hold all your ingredients as well as the pillowcase to be stained. The combination of baking soda and salt will help stain and deodorize the laundry while removing yellowish stains as well as any rust or mildew stains.

How to bleach a yellowed pillowcase?
1) Start by bringing the water to a boil in the pot.

2) Then add your powders, making sure to stir well to dissolve them.

3) Then, you will just have to plunge your white cloth in this salted and bicarbonated water and to lower the fire so that the water simmers without boiling. Make sure at this stage that your pillowcase is well soaked in the liquid.

4) You can then leave your pillowcases to soak in this mixture for an hour.

5) Take them out, being careful not to burn yourself, and rinse with cold water.

6) Finally, after a good wringing out, you will only have to lay out your pillowcases. If we generally advise drying in the sun, a full moon night can finish the bleaching work for a bright white and clean linen.

You can also soak your yellow pillowcases in hot water with added bicarbonate of soda for one night before washing. You can then consider adding white vinegar to the rinse water in the washing machine to remove the lime scale that damages the shine of the laundry.