Mixed Fishcakes

Serves 2
2 Large potatoes (ff)
150g (Sainsbury’s) Smoked salmon trimmings (ff)
120g (Sainsbury’s) Basic white fish (ff)
1 handful of parsley
1 lemon, zest & juice (ss) (sff)
Peel and cut the potatoes and boil them in salted water in a large saucepan, after 10mins put a bamboo steamer or a colander, on top of the saucepan, with the fish in it, seasoned with salt & pepper, if using a colander cover with cooking foil to allow the salmon to steam. Cook for a further 10 mins.
When the potatoes and the fish are cooked then remove & flake it, remove any skin, and place in a glass dish, drain the mash the potatoes and allow to cool.
Add the potatoes, lemon rind & juice, parsley and salt & pepper, to the fish, scoop up in your hands, a portion of the mix and form into a fishcake, adjusting them to a size that suits you.
Place into a fridge to allow them to stiffen.
Spray a frying pan with Fry Light and cook until browned, turn over and repeat.
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book

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