Slimming World’s “Man of the Year 2019” after losing 15 stone, what a transformation

Ben Muscroft, of Hillsborough, a 42-year-old from Sheffieldonce weighed in at 27 stone and eight pounds (175kg), and successfully shift 15 stone and eight pounds (99kg) to drop from a T-shirt size XXXXXL to having a more slender 34-inch waist.

The care worker struggled with his weight since childhood and reached a point where he was unable to roll over in bed because of his size,  but the full extent of his health problems became apparent during a trip to see his brother in China, his life changing trip, when he discovered “that something had to change”.

Mr Muscroft said: “Just getting to China was a bit of a battle. I had to ask for a seatbelt extension in front of the entire plane which wasn’t the greatest of starts, then the tray table wouldn’t lie flat so I had to eat my meals at a strange angle. It wasn’t a pleasant way to spend 20 hours.”

During the holiday, he was unable to take part in activities, he said: “Then when we got to China, my size meant I missed out of certain activities. We visited the Great Wall of China, but I was too unfit to walk any of it, which I really regret.”

The slimmer added: “I also became something of a talking point because many people had never seen anyone my size before – so the looks and stares were plentiful.”

Following the example of his father and sister, he started attending a Slimming World group in Hillsborough in March 2015, and his better eating habits were coupled with a commitment to exercising regularly and, after discovering a passion for boxing and yoga, he successfully ran his first half-marathon in a time of one hour and 50 minutes.

After being crowned Slimming World’s Man of the Year 2019, Mr Muscroft hopes to enjoy a more active trip to China in the future.

Mr Muscroft described his weight loss journey and said: “It’s not just the health benefits – it’s freeing yourself from all of the things that used to hold you back.”

Diet before losing weight: Bacon, sausage and egg sandwich for breakfast, fish and chips for lunch, and spaghetti bolognese or pizza for dinner, along with cans of cider or two bottles of wine.

After the commitment:  switch to fruits and fat-free natural yogurt to start the day and a homemade coriander and mint chicken dish to end it.

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