SW facts: 10 Secrets Slimming World Members Won’t Tell You

“Oh no, I need to buy more Quark.” 五五


1. It’s not just a club for women.

Blokes can join Slimming World too you know!

I remember bricking it as I was standing outside waiting to go in, but the conviction I had to change my life was stronger and I dragged myself through the door (with my wife as backup admittedly)! I spoke to The Telegraph about it this last summer.

2. You will learn to actually cook a decent meal from scratch.

OK, maybe you’re not going to win any culinary awards, and sometimes (alright, 99% of the time) it won’t look anything like it does in the photo in the recipe book, but most of the recipes are really straightforward to put together.

Plus they all consist of fresh ingredients, no dodgy chemicals or preservatives, so you will actually be eating REAL food and losing weight at the same time!

Before becoming a Slimming World member cooking for me was piercing the film lid several times and placing on the top shelf of the over for 45- 50 minutes, seriously!

3. At least once a month in group, there will be a detailed discussion about constipation.

You’re sitting in a meeting, and one member begins to talk about their week. They’ve been the model Slimming World member, that really good loss should have been theirs for the the taking. But no, instead we here all about how they’ve not been able to go to the toilet for the last five days. Did we really need to know the details?

4. There really is very little weighing or measuring needed!

I’ve honestly never measured or weighed out anything I’ve eaten. As long as you’re not stuffing yourself until you’re uncomfortably full, munch away without worrying about measuring out exactly the right amount of rice or meat or whatever.

The exception to this is your two healthy extra choices a day, but you can even get round this by choosing things like cereal bars or packaged cheese portions if you really want!

5. Fat Free Yoghurt will become your new best friend.

Fat Free Fromage Frais, Fat Free Natural Yoghurt or Quark loads of the recipes use one or more of these.

It is a given that when you are flying round the supermarket picking up all your groceries, you will instantly forget which of these you already have in the fridge at home!

What did I need to buy again? Why the hell didn’t I write a sodding list? Do I need some Total 0% Greek yoghurt too?

6. Scan Bran is a dangerous choice.

If you decide to give Scan Bran a go, you need to drink enough water to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool each day. This is of course assuming that you are planning on eating it and not re-insulating your loft with the stuff.

I tried to eat a piece dry once, took me three hours to chew it. However, there are some amazing recipes out there to try and make it more edible, check out the recipe for the chocolate and peanut Scan Bran cake in the photo from the amazing Georgina!

7. You don’t need a gym membership.

Slimming World is a lifestyle change, but primarily in the kitchen. You are encouraged to take part in some physical activity as part of a healthy routine, but we’re not not talking hardcore gym sessions.

Maybe just taking a walk, or getting off the bus a stop earlier, taking the stairs in the office or having a kick around with the kids!

8. There’s one night where we just try loads of new foods.

If you’d never heard of a weight loss group and wandered into a Slimming World session on a “taster” night, you’d be surprised.

A “taster” is when all the members bring a dish of something low Syn or Syn free and we have a little buffet going on in group! Plates are piled high with beautiful Slimming World food and it’s a great opportunity to try out different recipes, without having to resort to making them yourself, and fill your face whilst losing weight.

Definitely no need for dinner after group tonight!

9. You need to be liberal with the Fry Light.

Maybe if you were frying a single button mushroom (in a non stick pan), you’d get away with the one spray, but any more than that and you really need to get that finger working and give the pan or baking tray a good coating in Fry Light.

Then, maybe a good spray half way through cooking as well for good measure!

10. The group is the most important part of Slimming World.

Would you buy a day pass for the bus, tube or train and then just go one stop?

Of course you wouldn’t! With Slimming World you honestly get more out of it and invest more in your own journey if you take that hour out of your week and stay in group after weigh in. Get that support, share those ideas and have a laugh with all the other people. You won’t regret it!




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