SW Minute Info: Get weight-loss tips from those who know best … the champion slimmers!

If you’re setting out on a mission to lose weight this new year and want advice, who better to ask than some successful slimmers who’ve “been there, done that, got the smaller-sized T-shirt!”, their top tips are:

Set yourself an ambitious target

While it can be daunting to come face to face with how far you have to go to reach your target weight, research shows that slimmers who aim for ambitious goals instead of being “more modest” are more successful.

Hollie Barrett, 30, who dropped from 17st 11lb to 9st 5lb, losing 8st 6lb to become Slimming World’s Woman of the Year 2016, supports aiming high.

She says: “I remember when I first joined Slimming World and was setting my target weight, I told my consultant that I was ‘never going to be one of those girls who’s a size 8’. Without missing a beat, she said: ‘Why not, if that’s what you want you can totally do it!’ And I did.

“I felt like my weight was holding me back in every aspect of my life, especially when it came to doing things with my kids,” says mum Hollie, “Even things other mums might take for granted, like taking them swimming, seemed off limits because I felt so self-conscious.

“Now I’m an active mum and I love it. I finally feel like the person – and the mum – I was meant to be all along. If anything keeps my motivation high, it’s that.”

Swap fruit juices for whole fruits

Danny, a Unitarian Minister who’s lost 8st and now weighs 12st 4lb, was named Slimming World’s Man of the Year 2016 and says: “One of the first changes I made was swapping gallons of sugary fruit juice that I thought was good for me for fresh fruit which is much more filling. It was easy but made a big difference.”

Be kind to yourself

Megan McGee’s weight-loss journey began after she had something of a revelation: “One day I suddenly thought to myself, ‘Just imagine how different life could be if I were to take all of this time and effort that I spend hating myself and put the same amount of time and effort into creating a life that I love and could be proud of’.

“I realised I needed to become my own best friend instead of my harshest critic.”

“I feel like I’ve woken up from being asleep on myself for years and I’m discovering a whole new me. Now if I ever go off track, I accept that it’s only human to lapse and get straight back on track.”

Know you’re not alone

When Azra Bashir initially joined Slimming World weighing 14st 9½lb, she lied and told family she was going to Zumba classes.

“The minute I walked through the door I realised I had nothing to worry about. Weight is something everybody deals with. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what your background is – I always make a joke that even in the rainforest there’s probably someone worrying their ‘bum looks big’.

And that’s the thing at Slimming World, everyone there is in the same boat and everyone will get a warm welcome whether you’re 17 or 70.”

Never give up

Pauline Buck, who once weighed 13st 12lb, lost 5st 4lb not once, but twice. The grandmother first joined Slimming World in October 1997 but life got in the way and she regained the weight she’d lost when she stopped attending her group.

Six years later, despite feeling daunted at the prospect of slimming down again, Pauline bravely walked back through the doors of her Slimming World group and hasn’t looked back since.

In fact, she’s maintained her trim size 10, 8st 8lb figure for nine years.

“It was hard to walk through the Slimming World doors for a second time. In fact, it was probably harder the second time around because I felt as though I’d failed.

“I should have known better though because I was welcomed back with open arms and I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Don’t deprive yourself

Martin Woodsford, 44, is a self-confessed chocoholic and, despite going from 24st 1lb to 14st, he still enjoys chocolate every day.

He says: “What I love about Slimming World’s Food Optimising plan is that it’s not a diet, it’s completely sustainable and nothing is off limits. My partner and children all eat all the same meals when we’re together, and I still have a takeaway most weeks. I couldn’t be without that little bit of chocolate every day too!”

Eat what you love!

Ollie Bales, 24, who lives in Suffolk, once weighed 38st 13½lb but has lost 25st ½lb. He now weighs 13st 13lb and says he couldn’t believe it when he discovered he could still eat his favourite foods and lose weight.

He said “I was shocked that cooking something the Slimming World way could taste so delicious – better than before”

Support from those close to you

Paula, 43, and Andrew Butler, 37, from Huddersfield, West Yorks, have lost 14st 9½lb between them in their slimming world journey, “Having each other’s support as well as that of our Slimming World group has been so important for us,” says Paula. “It’s been amazing to see the changes in each other as well as ourselves and we’ve enjoyed the healthy competition too!”


Ultimate Slimming Tips!

Slimming Tip 1 – Don’t go hungry
If you are hungry you need to eat. Depriving your body of food will just see you miserable and maybe even grabbing the high fat, high sugar foods instead. And that’s really not going to help.

Slimming Tip 2 – Fill up on Super Slimming Foods 
Now no food has the power to actually slim you down, but the foods with the least calories for the most amount of filling power will cut your calorie intake without you even realising.
These foods what to take priory over other foods, by filling your plate with at least 1/3 of the Super Slimming Foods will see the lbs literally drop off.

Slimming Tip 3 – Plan Plan Plan
Fail to plan is planning to fail. Make a solid plan not only for the foods and meal you are going to enjoy but also what might get in your way. If you know you have a night out, that’s fine, just plan… What food will you order? What drinks will you order? And stick to your plan for amazing weight losses.

With so many slimming world meals that can be adapted to your lifestyle. From batch cooking and making the most of your time by using the slow cooker. Our aim is to develop healthy recipes that can fit into any diet you are following. With a strong emphasis on budget family meal recipes with a good dollop of motivation and self-belief.


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