SW Minute info: What are Slimming World Speed Foods?

You likely know the basic principle of Slimming World, which was founded in 1969 by Margaret Miles-Bramwell. In its simplest format, it’s a structured nutrition plan that supports members through fat loss with weekly meetings and weigh ins.

In the last 50 years, they’ve held thousands of weekly groups across the UK and in turn influenced tens of millions of people to eat more healthily and lose fat by tracking their ‘Free Foods’, ‘Healthy Extras’ and ‘Syns’.

What are Slimming World Speed Foods?

Slimming World Speed Foods are foods which you’re actively encouraged to eat more of on Slimming World. Their role? To both speed up your fat loss and up your nutrient intake.

It’s recommended that a third of your plate consists of speed foods at every meal, and because the list is fairly extensive, this shouldn’t prove to a problem.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to ensure you’re getting the required amount of speed foods is to serve a generous portion of salad or vegetables alongside your meals.

List Of Speed Foods To Include As Part Of Your Meal

Soup Ingredients:
One of the best things about making homemade soup is that you are able to absolutely pack it full of speed foods. Things like tinned tomatoes, lentils, carrots, peas, root vegetables and mushrooms are all speed foods that can be added to a soup and blended.

The best thing is that you don’t even notice that they are in your meal, so if you are a fussy eater then this is a great way to add some extra speed foods into your diet.

Fruit Salad Ingredients:
One thing that many Slimming World members struggle with is a dislike of vegetables. This is not uncommon; some people just don’t like them. If this is the case for you, then you should definitely consider getting your speed foods from fruit salad ingredients.

Cherries, pears, blueberries, grapes and bananas are all speed foods that can easily be added to a fruit salad to give you a speed food boost. If you don’t like vegetables all that much then definitely aim to add as much of these foods to your diet as possible to boost your weight loss.

Salad Ingredients:
The great thing about a salad is that it can be incredibly diverse. In fact, you can add it as a side dish to most meals. The other good thing is that you can make sure that it is absolutely packed with speed foods to boost your weight loss.

Celery, lettuce, radishes, onions, cucumber, kale, peppers, rocket, spinach and watercress are all speed foods that you can use to make a delicious salad to add as a side dish to any Slimming World meals.

Sauce Ingredients:

Pasta sauces can be made using a whole host of speed foods including mushy peas, tinned tomatoes, all kinds of vegetables and even lentils. Once everything has been processed in a blender you won’t even notice that it’s there.

As you can see, there are so many different ways that you can maximise the amount of speed foods that you are getting into your diet.

How do ‘Speed Foods’ speed up fat loss?
Research published in the Journal of Nutrition demonstrated that people who followed an eating plan centred around low energy density foods, aka foods that have fewer calories per gram, left people feeling fuller and more in control of their food choices than those on a typical calorie counting diet. They also lost more fat.

This is the principle that Slimming World and in particular Speed Foods is built on, Lavin says. ‘Many people give up on weight loss because they feel hungry. Slimming World gives members the infrastructure to eat for weight loss by choosing more nutrient dense foods, but without missing out on the food they love. For example, swapping white bread for wholemeal or cream for fat free fromage frais.’

Super Speed Food List:
Along with speed foods, there are also super speed foods. Super speed foods should be added wherever possible. Not only are they great for boosting weight loss, but they also have other benefits such as boosting energy levels. Here are a few examples of some of the super free foods that you can add to your meals.

Apples – Apples can be added to all kinds of dishes to get some super speed food into your diet. If you are not much of a snacker, then try to add some apple to your breakfast for a boost.
Blackberries & Cherries – Again, if you don’t pick at food then a great way of adding these berries into your diet is to make homemade Slimming World smoothies.
Grapefruit – Grapefruit is a bit of an acquired taste, but if you are a fan then a grapefruit for breakfast is a brilliant way of getting some super free food into your diet.
Lemons & Limes – Again, a bit of an acquired taste. However, lemons and limes are great in asian inspired sauces and even in fruit salads, so you should have no trouble incorporating these into your meals.
Melon, Passion Fruit & Pineapples – Exotic fruits are becoming increasingly popular, and melon, passion fruit and pineapple are great examples of some of the more exotic flavours that you can experiment with. These are all great on their own or even added to a fruit salad.
Different Fruit & Veg – One of the best things about Slimming World is that you can experiment with fruit and vegetables that you have probably never even heard of, let alone tried. Some of the super speed varieties include: Star Fruit, Cashew Fruit, Dragon Fruit, Horned Melon, Loganberries, Prickly Pears, Tayberries, White Currants and more.
Try to add as many of these super speed foods into your diet as you possibly can to get the best results from your healthy eating plan.

Foods Which You Think Are Speed Foods But Aren’t:

One of the common mistakes that a lot of new Slimming World members make regards confusion over speed and super speed foods. A lot of people will, understandably, assume that all fruit and vegetables are speed or super speed foods. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Here are some examples of some of the foods which you might think are speed foods which are not.

Sweet Potatoes – This is a very common misconception. Obviously, sweet potatoes are much better for you than normal potatoes. However, they are not a speed food. They are free, but it is generally best to limit the amount that you have due to the high numbers of carbohydrates.
Potatoes – Again, many people think that because potatoes are a vegetable that they are speed food. This is definitely not the case. If you want to boost your weight loss then you should limit your consumption of weight loss as much as possible.
Parsnips – When you consider the fact that parsnip has a texture that is similar to potato when it is cooked, it makes sense that it is not a speed food. However, it is a free food so you should definitely still eat it.
Sweetcorn – This is one that again, a lot of people find themselves getting confused over. Sweetcorn, either tinned, or on the cob, is not a speed food. Like parsnip, however, it is free so do load up on it to get more vegetables into your diet.
Mango – Another example of a food that is free but not speed food is mango. Of course, there is nothing wrong with adding plenty of mango to your diet. However, it is high in natural sugars so it is best to limit it in your fruit salads.
Kiwi – Again, this is another fruit that is quite high in natural sugar. Of course, you can still eat it as it is a free food and won’t go towards your syns, but it isn’t going to do anything to boost your weight loss unfortunately.

Speed Fruit & Vegetables

Passion fruit
Star fruit
Ugli fruit
Acorn squash
Alfalfa sprouts
Baby sweetcorn
Bamboo shoots
Bean sprouts
Brussels sprouts
Butternut squash
Chinese leaf
Green beans
Pak choi
Runner beans
Spring greens
Spring onions
Sugar snap peas
Vine leaves
Water chestnuts

Most other fruit and vegetables, either tinned or fresh can be used as free food to add to your Slimming World meals. Hopefully, you now have a much better idea of the foods that are going to help you to boost your weight loss and achieve maximum results.

credits: shecookssheeats.co.uk/womenshealthmag.com/slimmingviolet.com

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