SW Motivation: 7 ways to get off to a strong slimming start

We think most of us were pretty happy to wave goodbye to 2020 and welcome in a brand-new year. While it’s clear that there are still challenges ahead, having a positive focus could help to make this year a better one.

If you’re hoping for a happier, healthier 2021, we can help. We know that being at the beginning of your slimming journey – or starting again after a setback – can feel daunting, so we’re sharing seven tips to help you get off to a flying fresh start.

Seek out support 

Building your own slimming squad is a great first step towards making your weight loss dreams a reality in 2021. Letting your trusted friends and family be part of your journey will make it easier to stick to healthy new habits. And Slimming World members have a ready-made support system in their group (or in the Community for Slimming World Online members). Regularly meeting with like-minded slimmers, all striving towards the same goal, will help you to make those lasting lifestyle changes – celebrating every success and, most importantly, supporting you through any struggles with practical help and understanding.

Slimming World Consultant Kay is super-proud of her target member, Johanna, who’s maintained her 3st weight loss for three years. She says:

“Not only does Johanna look amazing but she’s also a fabulous support to so many other members. Even during lockdown, she joins our Slimming World virtual group, and her top tips are to always come to group, stay to group and keep your food varied.”

Set a target

When you join Slimming World, you may have a ‘dream weight’ in mind. Don’t be afraid to set this as your target – we’ll help you get there!

Slimming World Consultant Hollie Barrett lost 8st 6lbs after setting the target she really wanted. She says:

“My whole life, I’d wanted to be a size 8, but I never really believed I could be. When I first joined Slimming World, I told my Consultant that I was ‘never going to be one of those girls who’s a size 8. She replied, ‘Why not? If that’s what you want, you can totally do it!’”

If you’re not sure what your dream target is, setting an interim target is a great way to get going. Talk to your Consultant about what feels right for you.

A Slimming World study of 24,457 members found that those who set their own ambitious goals lose almost twice as much weight in 12 months than those who try to be ‘realistic’.

Get snap happy

Looking back on photos of yourself from before you started your weight loss journey can be a fantastic motivator. Not only will it help you realise how far you’ve come, it can also spur you on towards your target.

Jenny  joined Slimming World in February 2020, and has lost over 5st 11lbs so far. She says:

“Sometimes your mind takes a little while to catch up with your body, and it can be hard to notice the changes in yourself until you put two photos side by side. So take pictures throughout your journey. You don’t have to share them anywhere if you don’t want to, but it’s so good to look back and compare them.”


Hit the ground running

Getting a great week-one weight loss can really set you up for long-term success on the scales, according to one of our largest-ever studies. At your first Slimming World session, your Consultant will fully explain the plan in your new member talk, a chat that is packed with information and motivation to help you get off to the strongest possible start.

Slimming World member Emma definitely harnessed the power of a fantastic first week – going on to lose over 17st! She says:

“I lost 7lbs in my first week! I felt so pleased, and yet I couldn’t quite believe it… I was still eating potatoes and pasta, but by making a few simple, healthier changes, I’d seen dramatic results. That first week gave me the confidence that I could actually do it this time. I had a big change in my mindset from that day forward.”

Dive into your Food Optimising book

Every new Slimming World member also receives a pack of books, containing everything you need for a successful start. In this pack, you’ll find your guide to Food Optimising. We recommend settling down with a cuppa for a good read through – and don’t be shy about getting your pens and highlighters out!

When Izzy’s weight loss stalled, rereading her book gave her the jump-start she needed to hit her 4st 11Ibs weight loss target. She says:

“Once, the scales stopped moving for a few weeks. So, feeling frustrated, I decided to read through my Food Optimising book again. Going back to basics really helped and I soon started losing weight again.”

Draw a line

It’s normal to experience some slip-ups on a slimming journey, so it’s important to learn not to dwell on them. There’s absolutely no judgement in a Slimming World group. If you haven’t had the week that you wanted, we’re armed with practical tools and support to help you get back on track.

Tansy has lost over 7st and is a big believer in keeping slimming stumbles in perspective. She says:

“One ‘bad’ meal doesn’t have to spoil your day. One ‘bad’ day doesn’t have to spoil your week. One ‘bad’ week doesn’t mean you need to throw it all away. Just draw a line as soon as you can!”


Believe in yourself

Wasim has lost an incredible 16st since starting his Slimming World journey in January 2019. He says that learning to believe in his own self-worth was key to his slimming success.


The amazing thing about a Slimming World group is that, if your self-belief does wobble, you’re surrounded by people who believe in you and who will motivate you to keep going.


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