Serves 4 1.5 syns each


1 onion finely chopped.

500g mushrooms, sliced
2 garlic cloves chopped.

2x 400g cans of chopped tomatoes
198ml veg stock.

4 tsp balsamic vinegar
Tsp dried rosemary

Salt and pepper
250g quark. 1 egg
28g Parmesan grated.

12 lasagne sheets


1) Preheat oven gas 4 / 180c/ 350f. Spray a pan with frylight add onions and fry for 4 mins
2) Add mushrooms and fry for 5 mins
3) Add garlic, tomatoes, rosemary, vinegar, stock, and season well
4) Bring to the boil, reduce the heat and simmer gently uncovered for 15 mins until sauce begins to thicken
5) Mix the quark with egg and half of the Parmesan and season
6) Spoon a third of the mushroom into the base of an 8 inch dish, top with 4 lasagne sheets.
7) Add half the remaining mushroom mix, dot with half the quark mix, top with 4 more lasagne sheets.
8) Add all but 4 tbsp of remaining mushroom and top with last 4 sheets.
9) Finish by topping the sheets with the remaining mushroom and then quark mixtures.
10) sprinkle over rest of the Parmesan and season
11) bake for 45 mins until golden and piping hot