Swiss Muesli

Serves 2
1 Apple, sliced into small pieces (ff)
1 Tbsp. chopped nixed nuts (1Heb)
4 Tbsp. Sainsbury’s “be good to yourself” 0.1% fat natural yogurt (ff)
35g Original oats (1Heb)

1 Orange, sliced into small pieces (ff)
1 Strawberry, sliced into small pieces (ff)
1 Banana, sliced into small pieces (ff)
1 Blueberry, sliced into small pieces (ff)
# Sweetener to taste

Place the oats in a fridge proof bowl; add the yogurt, mix to a smooth constituency, cover with Clingfilm & place in a fridge overnight.
Cut the chosen fruit into small pieces; add to the oats & mix.
Add the nuts & mix, if too dry, add more yogurt.
# I found that I needed to add 2tbsp of sweetener for my tastes!
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book

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