Tuna Pasta Bake

Serves 2
Packet of Colman’s Tuna Pasta bake mix (7.5/2= 3.75 syns per person) (2pp per person)
60g Cheddar cheese (2Hea/2= 1Hea per person) (3pp per person)
100g pasta (1pp per person) (white, cooked)
112g (drained weight) Tin of tuna in spring water (1pp per person)
250ml Skimmed milk (4.5/2=2.25 syns per person) (1pp per person)
Cook the pasta following the directions on the packet, when cooked drain & set aside.
In the meantime mix the “Colman’s” with a small amount of the milk, to make a paste then add the rest of the milk, in a saucepan bring to the boil then add the drained pasta & tuna, stir together for 1 min with the heat on a simmer until it thickens, share between 2 heatproof shallow dishes & sprinkle over with the cheese.
Place under the grill & melt the cheese to your liking, serve with a side salad.
Credit: Pete’s Recipe Book

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