It is one of the best exercises for our body, it is very simple and you do not need any equipment: walking is good for our health, makes us lose weight and improves our mood. Fat, distributed over all areas of the body, accumulates more abundantly in certain areas such as the belly.

It is not possible to burn fat in just one area, which is why to reduce the size, you must burn fat throughout the body. Walking is useful for this very reason: it is a complete exercise that promotes fat burning.

Walking for 30-60 minutes at a speed that can get your heart rate up to 60-70% of capacity burns 85% of calories as fat.

Walking at a moderate pace for 30-60 minutes not only burns fat, but also promotes muscle development, resulting in increased metabolism.

The formula is simple: weight x distance traveled = energy expended. Time isn’t as important as distance, but if you walk faster, you burn more calories.

If you go at a slow pace (about 4 km/h), you burn 300 calories every hour. But increasing the speed to 6 km / h can burn 360, while at 8 km / h it burns between 400 and 500. In short, if you start walking, it is better to increase the distance covered than to increase the speed.

To burn calories, you have to walk long distances: you improve muscle mass (especially in the legs).