We’ve got six slimming strategies to help you enjoy eating out while still keeping sight of your weight loss goals.

Can you plan? (Yes, you can!)

Most high street restaurant chains have online menus. Spending a few minutes thinking about what you’ll have in advance can help you avoid less-healthy last-minute choices.

Take trigger foods off the table

Trigger foods are personal to every slimmer. They’re the things that, once you start eating, you feel like you just can’t stop. In your Slimming World group, your Consultant can help you to identify your trigger foods, and put a plan in place for minimising the effect they have on your weight loss.

Make smart swaps

Remember the saying ‘the customer is always right’…? Don’t be scared to ask for menu substitutions in order to make your own ‘smart swaps’. For example, plain boiled rice is a much healthier option than pilau or fried.

Slimming World member Dan Sullivan

Dann Sullivan has lost 5st 2lbs with Slimming World, while still enjoying meals out. He says:

“I’ve always enjoyed going out for food. It was, and still is, a big part of my social life. These days, I make simple swaps and have the confidence to ask for things to be cooked differently. If I really want something on the menu that I know will take me over my Syn allowance, I allow myself to have it. That’s because I know that this is just one meal, I’ve usually planned it and as long as I go straight back to Food Optimising, it won’t cause me to gain weight in the long term.”

Watch out for the tipping point

While for some, an alcoholic drink or two is all part of the enjoyment of eating out, it’s wise to be mindful of our ‘tipping point’. Slimming World research shows that, after a certain amount of alcohol (for some people that’s one glass of wine – for others it might be three), our inhibitions weaken – along with our best intentions. Once we pass that tipping point, many of us will go on to eat and drink much more than we’d planned – and if we feel tired or hungover the following day, we might also choose high-fat, high-sugar foods and cancel any exercise plans, too.

Keep a slimming mindset

One meal won’t make us put on weight. The real danger area is the potential switch in our mindset – the feeling of ‘I’ve blown it now, I may as well forget Food Optimising altogether’. And that’s what could make all the difference to our long-term weight loss success. In Slimming World groups, we share effective science-based strategies, based on 52 years of experience in the psychology of weight loss, to help you overcome obstacles while staying in a slimming state of mind.

Visualise success

Visualisation is one technique that can help us to stay in control of our menu choices. While she absolutely could have enjoyed a restaurant pud while Food Optimising, Slimming World training manager Gill Allsop decided that she wanted to order her favourite main meal but preferred to give dessert a miss this time. Here’s how she used visualisation to help her stick to her choice on the night:

“I knew I was going out for a meal and, for me, it’s not the main meal that’s my problem, it’s the pudding. So I pictured myself in the restaurant. In my mind the waitress would come to the table, ask, ‘Do you want a dessert?’, and I’d say, ‘No, thank you’. I practised this every day.

When it was time for the actual meal, the waitress came over (I knew she would because she’d been coming for weeks!) and asked me if I wanted a dessert and I said ‘No thank you’. I didn’t even have to think about it. I lost 3½lbs that week!”

Credits: slimmingworld blog